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The production at both locations is over 8 million lilies of which 60% are White Heaven and 40% are Watch up. These are purchased and packed in large quantities. We also freeze the lilies at a temperature of approximately -1.2 degrees Celsius. Every week a number of bulbs are defrosted and planted. All of this is being done manually because we want every bulb to stand equally straight and deep into the soil. After cultivation, which takes about 13 weeks, (depending on the season) the flowers are harvested and sorted on length and buds per branch.

van Oort Lelies produces large uniform quantities

In the farm, the lilies grow under the best of circumstances, such as CO2, lighting, and an interior screen. Every day there is one harvest. The lilies are sorted so that every bushel is uniform in bud size, length, and branch weight. After harvesting, the lilies are cooled and put into fresh water right away. Then, the lilies will be cooled, so they can be transported freshly by a recognised transport company to the auction. We strive for constant quality and supply. The company distinguishes itself in producing large, uniform quantities.

van Oort Lelies offers custom quality

At the moment, around 20% is directly sold. The idea of direct sales is that there is a sufficient supply of lilies every day. There is enough room for expansion regarding direct sales. We love to bring you custom quality in the aspects of length, ripeness, and sorting. We are a very flexible company which is always ready to serve its customers. Even when it is about a custom special order or an urgent order, with our company everything is possible.

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Watch Up® is the absolute leader in the new Longiflorum range . The breed comes since May 2012 and as best appreciated by the flower trade. READ MORE

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